Sunday, March 16, 2014


Yankees cap, caps lock on. 
Screaming when your name won. 
Daydreaming of achieving the dream one, day. 
Gluing sequins piece by piece
Pull your hair back with your hair piece
Learning how to show it and have it within: peace. 
Throw up a peace sign
Everything in life happens for a reason, it's a sign. 
Without the negatives, where would the photos be? 
To be - Strive in spite of strife, your heart is a diamond
Go to Tiffany's, go to the field, go to the cross, 
it's time to cross off the bucket list and open your eyes. 
The fruit of your labor, the fruit of the spirit, the apple of your eye. 
Never forget what makes you passionate - sometimes self-control needs a by. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Four years in New York City...

Today, exactly 4 years ago, was the day I hopped on a plane to New York City and never looked back. From modeling and living with 6 great girls who started off as strangers and became basically sisters, to working as a barista where I gained so many new friends and met the love of my life, to fulfilling my dream of becoming a magazine editor where I learned more about people, life and myself than ever before, to becoming a supervisor at an awesome TKRG bakery where I now stuff my face daily, I've gained more experience than I ever thought possible within this time frame. I've had my phone stolen (and chased it back down), received my NY Food Protection License, watched the ball drop in Times Square in real life, spent nights running around the beach at Coney Island, spent days reading in Union Square, saw a life-changing Florence & The Machine show at Terminal 5, killed my first (fifty) cockroach(es), got my first tattoo, and most importantly: Fell in love at 32nd Street & 2nd Avenue, got engaged overlooking Manhattan at the East River Park in Williamsburg, and heard the words "By the power vested in me by the laws of the great state of New York, I now pronounce you husband and wife." I love this city.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

More Joan Harris (Holloway), please.

So far in Season 6 of Mad Men, Joan has basically appeared for only a couple of minutes (taking a gorgeous portrait in the premiere and perfectly insulting Herb in the last episode). They were wonderful moments, of course, but definitely not long enough. Therefore, during this absence of screen time, I feel the need to sum up why she's clearly the best, and why we should all be looking forward to more scenes with her in the upcoming episodes!

#1 She takes care of everything and everyone
Your wife wants to quit the company? Joan will handle it. Need TV scripts read? Joan's up for the challenge. Did your foot get run over by a lawnmower? Joan's ready to apply a tourniquet. Joan is prepared to solve all the problems and does not even need praise for her actions. In fact she has even said, "It's a very brave person that does something anonymously."

#2 Her confidence is off the charts
The way Joan carries herself is an obvious sign that she doesn't need anyone's approval to feel good about herself. With great poise and an even greater wardrobe, Ms. Harris uses her charm and sophisticated sass to impress men and women alike. When Peggy once fired at her, "You know you're not a stick," Joan quickly retorted, "And yet I never wonder what men think of me." I'm pretty sure we should all borrow her mentality in our insecure moments.

#3 She always has the last word
I think every viewer agrees that Greg Harris quickly joined the club of horrible husbands even before the pair got married. With his failed attempts at trying to control Joan or at least the conversations they have together, Joan has continued to win each argument with her wonderful zingers.

Greg: Joanie, I don't want to have a fight right now.
Joan: Then stop talking.

Joan: No, I want you to go and never come back.
Greg: Damn it, Joanie, they need me.
Joan: Well, then it works out because we don't.

And her attitude is not reserved solely for inconsiderate men. Do you think you'd be able to properly respond to: "You want to be taken seriously? Stop dressing like a little girl"? Yeah, me neither. Another point for Joan.

#4 She gives excellent advice
Joan is someone Peggy has always admired, whether she's liked it or not. While some of the tips Joan's provided may not have rubbed her the right way (being told "you're the new girl, and you're not much, so you might as well enjoy it while it lasts" about getting attention from men at the office isn't exactly a compliment), she's eased Peggy's mind on much more than one occasion. Worried that she was getting dumped, Joan explained to Peggy, "Men don't take the time to end things. They ignore you until you insist on a declaration of hate."

#5 Her version of an ad for a roommate rocks
“Fun-loving girl, responsible sometimes. Likes to laugh, lives to love seeks size six for city living and general galavanting. No dull moments or dull men tolerated.” 

So here's to more fits of throwing airplanes, more head-turning outfits, more unforgettable lines, and simply more Joan this season!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Resolutions For Every Girl's List

At the end of December, watching snow fall outside still has a magical element to it, hearts are still warm from spending the holidays with family, and there really is a sense of something brand new around the corner. You start thinking about New Year's Eve and not only what you're going to wear and who you're going to kiss, but what you're going to change about yourself and your life as you begin an entirely different year. "I'm totally going to start going to the gym", "I'll cut out the junk food and start eating healthy," "I just want to lose weight" are ubiquitous statements during this time, but there are definitely more ways to jump start better self-esteem and work on self-improvement. Here are some other items you may wish to add to your list besides the usual resolutions that are easy to break and forget about before you even try to begin:

Stop apologizing for everything!
I don't know about you, but "I'm sorry" comes out of my mouth multiple times a day and it's hardly ever said when I actually do something I feel any level of guilt about. Instead, I say it when someone bumps into me at the store, after a stranger says something I couldn't quite hear, during a conversation with a friend when they start venting, etc... "I'm sorry" is said out of politeness, but after a while, we may start to feel like we really are to blame, especially when the person we're saying it to does not correct us. I know I usually hate hearing "It's not YOUR fault" because I think, "Well, I wasn't really trying to say it was..." but when we get in the habit of saying those words, it starts to make us look and maybe even feel weaker than we really are. We may start saying it as an automatic response when we feel less than perfect. Let's say your boss is trying to teach you a new way of doing something and while you're learning, you mess up a little and say, "I'm sorry". That's not something you should have to apologize for. Instead, let them explain again and ask questions if you have them, and try again. There's no reason to belittle yourself, even if you think it's just a polite way to handle the situation. It's a way to hang your head and that's not very empowering at all!

Be bold!
For all those people who felt like the world would end on the 21st (you sillies), you should treat this year as a second chance and quit overthinking what you really feel like doing! See a cute guy at the cafe? Flash him a smile (and make TSwift's "Begin Again" your new theme song)! Want to wear more eccentric clothing? (I'm looking at you, Anne Hathaway!) Don't spend time worrying about what people think! The right people will appreciate your personality and your actions. Take risks and if they don't work out, you've at least gained experiences that will help you in the future and if they do work out, you receive unexplainable personal satisfaction and know you're capable of reaching even higher next time. Sounds pretty good to me!

Don't turn Facebook into a soap opera, please.
"What's going on?" or "How's it going?" is what the status bar asks you 24/7 on Facebook. That does NOT mean you have to spill to the world how upset you are over a breakup or use it as a way to vent about friends or complain about your newborn baby. Please invest in a journal (and no, I don't mean a very public Tumblr account where you write about how much you hate your BFF's mom and wish you were more attracted to your own boyfriend).
Also, if you're having serious relationship problems, this is not the time to post super-happy pictures of you and your man online. It's one thing if you're trying to make it work and you genuinely like the photo and want to share it...but it's another thing to try and fool your hundreds of FB friends into thinking you're so happy that they wouldn't be surprised if you got engaged soon, when really, your guy makes you feel like absolute crap and you know a breakup is around the corner. Your real friends who know the truth will most likely get very annoyed. Plus, if you like getting the attention from the growing "likes" and sweet comments about how perfect you two are on the photo, it's not going to make changing your relationship status to "Single" any easier, as superficial as that sounds.
It's easy to feel a sense of freedom as you express your thoughts in a location where you're not physically in front of everyone, but that's why caution is so important. Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with people and look back on some really great times...get excited to look through your "2013 Year in Review" and grin at the positive, awesome things you said and did throughout the months ahead.

Put effort into your friendships!
We've all been victims of the half-annoying-half-funny game of Phone Tag, which proves that yes, both you and your friend do have crazy schedules, but yes, you both really do want to find a way to finally catch up. It's difficult to check in on your buds even when they live 20 minutes from you, not to mention checking in on friends who live hundreds of miles away. If you want to do something quick and easy just to let them know you're thinking of them, try a "grand gesture" like sending them a gift from their favorite website or ordering food online to have delivered to their place (tried that once...first make sure they're definitely home!). It's nice to have that instant-on connection with friends when you don't see them for a while and can still pick back up exactly where you left off, but don't rely on that and Facebook to keep your relationship strong. Make this year a year where you become the friend you would love to have and not only will karma have your back, but you might inspire your BFFs to step it up a notch, too!

Say goodbye to settling!
Unfortunately, it's easy to fall into a routine of settling. Maybe your job has left you feeling uninspired and stressed and all you want is to try another career path, but you're too afraid of change, so you settle. Maybe your best friend from elementary school has been drifting for a long time and only makes time for you when she needs something in return, but you don't want to throw away such a long friendship, so you continue being used by her over and over again. Maybe your boyfriend has made it clear he doesn't want to work on the issues you have been bringing up to him and he'd rather hide things from you than put in the effort. You know you're not happy and deserve better, but you hate the idea of being alone, so you continue settling and hoping it gets better. "Life is short" is a popular saying, but sometimes it seems like people take it as "So keeping dealing with the same crap because it will be over soon!" instead of "So do what makes you happy and have no regrets!" If you're taking courses for a certain major your family has been pushing you towards and you'd really rather pursue a different field, don't worry about upsetting them...think about where you'll be in 10 years and if you'll be genuinely happy with the path you're currently taking. Settling is the worst and it's an acceptance within yourself that you're choosing to give up the possibility of something better...and that's not what 2013 is going to be about. This year is about really finding yourself and doing that by holding on to your goals, values, and passions with more conviction than you ever have before.

So, now that the parties have passed and the infamous ball drop in Times Square has come and gone, let's plan on making this our year of empowerment, spreading love, and staying positive. Wear sparkly dresses, smile from ear to ear, remember that actions speak louder than words, and YOU can make this year your very best one yet!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Seize the day with carpe diem (that makes sense, right?)

Life is short. I know this mostly because I watch too much Grey's Anatomy and anyone who has watched at least a few episodes of that show knows that people are always dying. Always. (Hey, if you haven't seen it, tune in TONIGHT for the start of season 9 and you'll understand!)

Anyway, we've all heard the inspiring statements: Live life to the fullest! Live every day as if it were your last! Live like there's no tomorrow! Seize the day! You can sleep when you're dead! (that doesn't sound very inspiring though), Etc..

I'm all for the motivating let's-get-pumped-up-and-yell-Gladiator-style conversations, but that might scare people on the street, so here are some things I'd like to bring up in a calm, written fashion.

1. If something doesn't feel right, STOP IT. 
I don't care if it's a job, relationship, hobby, habit, etc... just end it. Because yeah, there are good days and bad, but if it's 95% bad days and you cling to the good days like I cling to my comforter when I'm not ready to wake up, it's really not worth it. There are better jobs out there and you may not find the one of your dreams right away, but you will. If your significant other makes you feel less confident and secure on a regular basis, pull the plug and move right along. Yes, it's easier said than done, but after a couple of weeks of only remembering the good times and wondering if you made a mistake and if you should call him or her, you'll suddenly feel better and it will be easier and you will find something better because love is about support and full acceptance! Worried you're turning into a gossip after noticing most of your conversations become stories about other people? Then just stop! You're in control of your actions and decisions. Those actions make up your character. Don't let yourself get walked all over on by a person, place, or thing. Punch that noun in the face! (Figuratively, of course) (Also, using exclamations really helps with an inspiring speech, right?).

2. Listen to yourself and nobody else (most of the time).
The other day, I was buying a dress for an upcoming wedding and I must have stood in front of the mirror in the dressing room for approximately 20 minutes. No, I'm not a narcissist (gosh guys, way to jump to conclusions), I just couldn't decide if I should get the dress or not! All I wanted at that moment was to have a shopping buddy who I could turn to and ask: "Yes or no?" That's how indecisive I've become, apparently. But the point is, it's so easy to rely on other people for simple, or complicated questions/decisions. I think it's important to stick to your guns and your gut (both are expressions, right?) because you really do know yourself better than anyone else. Don't take your power of making choices and throw it away because exercising that power on a regular basis really does drive our confidence as individuals - it makes us who we are. Of course, if you think it's OK to do something dumb like drink and drive and everyone tells you not to, that is NOT the time to exercise your power and ignore everyone because you are just being dumb.
ANYWAY! Some people like to control things that they shouldn't... and you shouldn't feel guilty for not taking their "advice" or feel coerced into doing something you're against or not doing something you feel passionate about.

3. Definitely sleep, but don't be lazy all of the time.
I wake up between 4:45 and 5 AM which means there are a lot of nights that I find myself in bed by 8:30 ready to crash. But I'm learning that planning that dinner with friends or attending that surprise party or going to see that concert is totally worth the zombie eyes the next day (also, I can make up the lack of sleep by going to bed at 4 PM the next afternoon!). But this isn't just about sleep, it's about putting in effort. Has a friend been needing some extra love? Send him or her food. The term "comfort food" had to come from somewhere! (Actually, I Googled it and couldn't figure out where, but still). Have a day off and feel like staying in your sweats? Do it for a couple of hours and then get your booty up to go see the world outside! How can you seize the day from your couch? I mean, yeah, you can apply for scholarships and internships and contact an old friend and do awesome things like that, so if that's what you're planning then, okay, yes, keep seizing the day! But you know what I mean.

4. Stop your whining!
If you have an awesome opportunity, soak it in and enjoy it instead of complaining about it because it's something that will shape your life forever and those experiences don't come around every day. If you get in a fight with your parents or significant other, don't post statuses on Facebook that will make your friends hide you from their timeline (because they will, trust me). If you're not invited to a party, don't mope around and feel sorry for yourself - throw your own party! Seriously. There is nothing "carpe diem" about being a Negative Nancy. We all have our moments of feeling depressed, homesick, alone and/or misunderstood, but find something that makes you happy and stick to it like glue until you feel normal again. Listen to Ashlee Simpson (come on, somebody has to have that guilty pleasure), bake cupcakes (and bring them to me), put in a video game where you can blow things up, watch your favorite show on repeat, buy a pizza, pray, start a photo album, go for a walk, do whatever makes you happy and keep on keeping on! (With or without the Kardashians).

Live life with no regrets (did you think I forgot that one? No way!) is all I'm trying to say. Don't let fear of rejection, fear of others' opinions, fear of the unknown get in the way of your dreams and happiness. It's true when they say that you'll never know what can happen until you try, whether that's trying to live your own life before working on a relationship again, trying to write a book, trying to meet one of your heroes, trying to eat better, etc... We're all on our own roads in life and shouldn't let anything keep us from enjoying every second of our journey and letting our light shine.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy people rule my life.

Sometimes, I'm a sponge. Not like the Squarepants kind, but just the kind that soak up what they're around - and for me, that involves other people's feelings.

THAT'S WHY happy people are my favorite thing. I've always enjoyed being around friendly folks and having a good time with positive friends, but I've realized just how important it really is to notice all of the pure sweetness that even complete strangers can epitomize.

I recently flew home to Michigan - I quit my job in order to pursue other opportunities, but first decided a trip to see my family would be the perfect vacation a girl could ask for. I flew in to Grand Rapids instead of Detroit, which meant that the passengers had to be shuttled to a tiny, baby plane outside of the airport since it was going to a smaller city. Everyone felt squished immediately after entering that fetus of a vessel. Except a fetus is inside someone/something and in this scenario, people were inside of it... so maybe that actually doesn't work. Anyway, you could tell it was a flight that would stress a lot of people out. Then, a frazzled married couple had to practically crawl through the aisle (not exaggerating with the size of this aircraft!) with their two young girls and they had every reason to freak out and show hot tempers, but they made it clear that that was not going to happen. Right from the start, one daughter called out about being thirsty, so her mom opened up their bag to grab a water bottle they just bought, only to discover it had completely leaked and not only was she without a drink to give her child, her clothes inside were fully soaked. When the girl realized what had happened and started to complain, her mom just cheerfully said, "Well, you can suck on my sweater if you want, but that doesn't sound very good!" and her daughter started to laugh. Humor and happiness. She turned to give the girl a container of grapes that they had packed instead, and caught my eye as she was turning and gave the brightest smile - there was no getting this woman down!

My mom and I just stopped by Barnes & Noble to read through about 1,000 magazines, no big deal, and both of us picked up a drink in the cafe while we were there. The two baristas were joking around with each other as we walked up, and then grinned ear to ear to greet us and ask us what we liked to order. So, either they saw something in my teeth and couldn't stop laughing about it, or they were just genuine nice people. I'm certain it's the latter because if I had anything in my teeth (like a piece of lettuce from my turkey reuben from lunch), even I couldn't spot it! When one of them handed us our drinks after making them, she lightheartedly made fun of herself for mispronouncing the type of drink one of them was and then said "Enjoy!" with an earnest boost of energy before finishing cleaning off some of the machines. She wasn't trying to get extra tips or even go above and beyond for attention - she was just NICE and it was impossible not to notice, which was a breath of fresh air.

I feel like I see parents listening to their iPods instead of paying attention to their kid who's trying to get their attention too much in the city, or I hear about nannies who completely raise a couple's child since they're never around. It's a comforting feeling to see awesome parents with their kids. At stores, bars, coffee shops or restaurants, I've found that there are multiple times I feel like the server or person behind the counter is so distracted with problems in their lives that they make me feel like I made a mistake coming in that day - like I was interrupting their life. So often we settle for poor service and poor relationships because that's what we're surrounded by. But that's not something we should have to do.

So happy people? Beware. I'm going to find you and love you and want to squeeze you. I had a grin on my face half the flight to Michigan because while one kid was being loud and saying, "I can get away with anything sitting back here because I'm behind Mommy!" Her mom replied by bringing her hand around and tickling her leg to show her who's boss. I wanted to buy five more coffees at the cafe today just to have another round of good customer service. These are the moments we need to work to create! Life is too short for unhappiness and that's one thing I've definitely learned so far this year. We can't control other people or life itself, but we can control our reactions and the way WE choose to live and communicate with others. And let's face it, when someone is warm and cheery to us, it's SO hard to feel upset about anything. So by being positive, we actually CAN make a difference and that's the easiest and most heartwarming thing I could ever think of. I hope you're all sponges, too, because being happy is something we should be soaking up every day. YES. (Okay, that was unnecessary, but I was on a roll with the caps lock).

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Awkward Moments with Transportation

I’ve had bad luck when it comes to awkward moments with transportation. I think it started on family road trips when I was around 7 — my siblings and I would wave frantically at passing cars or, when that got old, smush our faces against the windows pretending to be asleep as the other two watched for people’s reactions and whenever someone noticed and started laughing, the “sleeper” would jump up and we’d all start laughing at them for falling for our clever trick. Thanks parents, for encouraging such normal behavior.

When I started driving, I decided my car would be my very own concert arena and sung my heart out, even with the windows down. More than once, I was stopped in the hallway by someone who’d say, “Hey, I saw you driving your Bronco yesterday in town and it was SO funny — you looked like you were REALLY into your music!” Does singing along and banging on the steering wheel with an occasional finger pointing dance count as being “into my music”? Maybe so.

And now that I’m in NYC, I’ve had plenty of awkward times on the subways. Sure, I’ve warned you all of the 5 daily dangers of subway rides (, but there’s more – oh, so much more – when it comes to cringe-worthy situations I get myself into.

Talking to a crazy person
About a month ago, a man wheeled himself into the train and then faced me, blocking the closest exit. I wasn’t fully aware that he was even there because I was so into Mindy Kaling’s book, but then heard, “Hello, miss?” I looked up. “Will you be my girlfriend?” Part of me wanted to go back to my book and just ignore him, because I’m so weird in these moments with creepy strangers. But he asked very loud and now everyone was staring, so I had to respond. “Sorry,” I said, forcing a genuine smile. “I have a boyfriend.” Then, out of nowhere, he yelled, “If you don’t make love to me right now, I’m going to kill myself!” Yikes. Okay, maybe if it was Jason Segel saying that in a hushed whisper after we celebrated our engagement with friends and family and I was wearing a gorgeous, shiny dress instead of my hoodie, knit hat and glasses, I’d be a little flattered. But this man was clearly not well, and suddenly everyone on the train lost eye contact with me. Thanks a lot, humanity. I just sat there, shaking, staring into my book with tears forming until he got off at the next stop. Now, whenever I lend that book to someone, I’ll have to explain the tear-stained pages and how it was obviously Mindy’s chapter on dating men instead of boys that made me bawl like a baby.

Making (and holding) eye contact
I’m really bad with this, and by bad, I mean I’m great at it. I write a lot on the subway, which has taught me something about myself – when one of my writing sessions turns into daydreaming, I’ll look up and stare into space without realizing it. That is, if “space” is technically a stranger’s face. When I realize that I’m doing it (because they’re looking right back at me), I try to compensate for the creepiness by proving that I was just deep in thought. Suddenly, I’m nodding to myself and tapping my pen against my notebook while switching off and on between pursing my lips and mouthing words slightly – like I have a sentence forming, but just need to search my mind’s word bank for the perfect completion. Unfortunately, I’m also a horrible liar, so I’m not sure if I fool anyone really. Plus, once I know someone’s looked at me once, I have to keep checking to see if they’re still doing it. And occasionally, when the person continues looking, I hold their gaze, hoping it’s a hint that they should stop. But more than once, it’s led to a stare down which I don’t recommend. It’s uncomfortable.

The bend and snap
Really, I just mean dropping something on the ground, but I felt like the Legally Blonde reference was needed. I work at a tween magazine, so most days on the train, I’ll be working on rough drafts of my pages that I’ve printed out. The problem? Most days I also drop one of the papers, and it usually floats through the air and lands in the center of the train car face-up, so everyone can clearly read the quiz I’m working on: “How do you beat friend drama?” That’s when I silently pray that no one thinks I’m a creepy 20-something year old who lives and breathes to discover why I rock at friendships. Duh, it’s because I’m awesome. Another moment I don’t enjoy? Dropping something below my own seat and then noticing that someone sitting close to me has decided that their good deed for the day is going to be grabbing it for me. Only, it’s obvious that it’s going to be much more of a struggle for them, and I’m already in a half-reach at the same time because I can get to it SO easily, but I don’t want to offend them by not accepting their gesture. But then again, I didn’t ask them to try to reach behind my feet, did I? So I quickly snatch it up and smile with no teeth (I don’t want to show teeth in a way that says, “Aha! Good deed DENIED!”) to silently say, “Thanks for trying.” Still leaves me feeling like my karma points have dropped dramatically.

Giving money to panhandlers
Speaking of karma, giving money to those in need should make you feel great, right? Not always. Sometimes when you reach in your wallet to pull out a dollar, it’s hard to get out, so you have to pull a couple of other bills out as well, like a $5 or $10. But you still just hand over the dollar and the panhandler simply looks at you and shakes his or her head, but takes it anyway. Then you’re filled with guilt. But who knows what they’ll spend the money on? (Sounds like something my grandma would ask.) But it’s like the time a sweet girl offered a man a loaf of delicious bread from a farmers’ market and he brushed her off, yelling, “What the bleep would I do with a loaf of bread?!” (I added the bleep.) All I wanted was to say, “I don’t know, eat it?” and get high fives from my fellow commuters, but I refrained. I feel like that could have been my shining Liz Lemon moment, being so proud of myself and looking for high fives.

It’s a good thing flying cars aren’t “a thing” yet. Because I guarantee I’ll have some awkward moments when it comes time to get me one of those…most likely having weird rendezvous with pigeons and getting tangled in telephone pole wires.

Friday, April 13, 2012

THAT'S newsworthy? Weight a minute...

I check entertainment sites 24/7 - it's part of my job, and I've started to really enjoy doing it. I'll admit that now, every rumored celeb hookup (Jason Segel and Michelle Williams?!) or breakup (Heidi Klum and Seal?!) excites me to no end. Plus, like most people, I'm a fan of catchy, new music, so I enjoy looking for just-released singles...although I doubt I'll be listening to anything besides "Call Me Maybe" for the next year or two (unfortunately, so addictive). What did this Mad Men star say about the upcoming episodes? Let me find out! New pics of Hilary Duff and her adorable baby, Luca? I want to see! This pop culture thing is a world I've learned to enjoy being a part of.

That is, except when the "news" becomes pointless rambling and questioning about a star's weight. Recently, I've been completely annoyed with Miley Cyrus coverage. I miss the days when the silliest headline was "Miley Cyrus: She really can't be tamed!" At least that was a little funny - oh, you're so clever for using her song title to describe what you think of her real life! But now, there are polls on sites "What do you think of Miley's body?" With choices like: "Too fat", "Too skinny", or "Just right". Really? How is this even a question? Practically all the latest paparazzi shots are Mi coming to and from Pilates, lots of her tweets mention eating healthier...sounds like she's trying to have a better lifestyle and I think that's something to admire, not turn into a scandal. Then, there's headlines with quotes from "weight loss experts" saying that if Miley loses any more weight, she'll be way too skinny. That's your professional verdict - she'll be way too skinny? My mind is blown. Sorry for the added sarcasm in this post, it's just something I've really seen enough of. Personally, I think Miley looks absolutely incredible. I'm glad she's tweeted about the rumors to stick up for herself, but she shouldn't have to. Plus, this recent "scandal" is a reminder for me that I should probably start taking better care of myself, as well. I'm a naturally skinny person, but that doesn't mean I'm toned, and it doesn't mean I don't eat family sized boxes of donuts when I'm tired. I'd just like to think that if I started making some serious changes to my daily routine to try and get healthier, people would encourage me instead of tear me down.
But if this is the type of story that's breaking headlines now, I'd like to point out the real problem with Miley... it's all in this tweet:
Guys. People of the world. You thought Miley's salvia problem was bad? THINK AGAIN. This young Hollywood starlet is suffering from another addiction — walnuts. I'm currently waiting to hear back from my "Walnut Expert", but I'm guessing he will tell me that this is a problem, that she's eating "way too many walnuts." But don't worry, I'll keep you posted on how this continues to affect Miley each day. Stay tuned on this emotional story.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hi, I'm Kelsey and I'm a chick flickoholic.

I don't know when it started. I could blame Disney, perhaps (or credit them, I should say). But I am the biggest sucker for romantic comedies and love stories that you will ever meet. I was talking to my co-worker the other day about something cute my boyfriend did, and she interrupted me and said, "I bet you made that 'Oh!!' exclamation and put your hand on your chest." And that accurately describes my reactions to 99% of sweet things I see.

I watched My Left Foot the other day, starring Daniel Day-Lewis. Okay, okay, I know... I'm not off to a good start with this post because it's supposed to be about CHICK FLICKS. Obviously, that is not what this movie was. As IMDB summarizes, "The story of Christy Brown, who was born with cerebral palsy. He learned to paint and write with his only controllable limb - his left foot." So he went through all these challenges in life and it was very inspiring, but the very last part of the film informs the viewer that Christy married Mary Carr, his nurse, a few years later. That made me feel happier than if it was my birthday! And I love birthdays. My reaction was, "Best. Ending. Ever."

I recently went to see The Vow (I think we can all agree that that is definitely considered a chick flick), and cried/sobbed multiple times while watching it. I loved that it was based on a true story... Even when Rachel McAdams lost all recollection of being with Channing Tatum, they were still meant to be together and she fell in love with him again (uh, sorry, spoiler alert?). Except, you know, the REAL people that they were playing did, that is. Otherwise poor Jenna Dewan - she'd have to dance her way into another man's heart! Anyway, I had to look up the real story from Kim and Krickitt Carpenter (who the movie is based off of), and I was a little disappointed to learn that they got engaged only two months after they first met, and then got married three months later. No wonder she couldn't remember falling in love with him! But after that cynical thought, I jumped back on the "Awwww" wagon, just thinking about how romantic and sweet the story is. They stayed together and worked through the unexpected and unknown together, as husband and wife, and never gave up. Sigh.

When I saw Like Crazy in theaters a while ago (the DVD is out now...gotta get that one!), I loved how Jacob and Anna's relationship felt SO REAL. The fights, the passion, the "missing you" text messages... I felt like I was a fly on the wall of one of the most beautiful connections two people could have. It reminded me a little bit of Blue Valentine with Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams...except more hopeful and much sweeter. I'm not so much of a silly girl that I don't think there's ever struggles or problems for two soul mates, but I'm a firm believer that two people who are meant to be together can make it through anything at all. Hopeless romantic, right here.

Relationships like the ones between Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan, Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton, Drew Baylor and Claire Colburn, Holly Golightly and Paul Varjak (movie version, of course), Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater, Jesse and Celine (no last names in Before Sunrise, apparently), and Dexter Mayhew and Emma Morley completely represent the connections I wish every person could feel with another. Undeniable chemistry, opening themselves up to learning something new or taking a chance... it's all so wonderful. And perfect pairs are difficult to find! You can date a lot of duds before finding the right one, that's for sure, but once you meet him or her? You just know. Well, unless you're Holly Golightly and have to listen to a speech about how you build a cage around yourself which is why you don't get close to anyone or name your cat, before you realize you're ready to fall in love. That can be cute, too.

Romantic comedies are my favorite, and it's not just because in almost every single one there's a scene where rain is pouring (which is the epitome of sweetness - "I love you even in stormy weather." Aww.) I think it's because they show two people who don't expect to fall in love or don't expect anything better to come along or don't expect that they'll find true happiness, and then we get to follow them on their journey - when they start doubting and when they start trusting, when they realize they've found "the one" and don't know how to react...but mostly because they show that no matter how alone someone may feel inside their own world, there's another person out there who can understand them better than they can understand themselves and show them what life is really all about. It makes the single viewers feel like they're about to turn the corner in their own future love story, and the viewers who are in relationships feel so lucky for knowing they're just as happy as the lead characters. Unless they're not, of course, which is an awkward moment.

Okay, side note: I also love chick flicks for the quirky best friend who's always just hanging out being awesome. Best part of Failure to Launch? Zooey Deschanel as Kit: "What the hell kind of devil bird chirps at night?" Another BFF I got a kick out of? Mindy Kaling as Shira in No Strings Attached: "We're sluts, Emma! We're dirty dirty sluts!" It's my goal in life to be told, "Hey Kelsey, you know what? You're like that quirky best friend in a romantic comedy." Best. Day. Ever.

Basically, chick flicks give you goosebumps and make you tear up and sigh and put you on a crazy love rollercoaster, even if you know the formula (girl meets boy, girl loses boy, girl makes out with boy as the credits begin to roll). They make you smile and warm your heart and make you want to go to a local coffee shop for some hot chocolate where you'll accidentally bump into a dashing gentleman who compliments you and apologizes for being in the way, and then sits down next to you and asks, "What are you reading? Oh! I love that book!" Then, proceeds to tell you that he's close to his family, loves his cat, wants 2-3 kids, and noticed that there's a great Thai food restaurant nearby, would you like to continue your conversation over some fried rice? ... Did I take it too far? But it really does leave you feeling hopeful and happy - like everything is going to be okay, no matter what.

So here's to your very own love stories... And they all lived happily ever after. The end.

"I'll be famous someday, I promise!"

When I was younger, all I wanted was to be famous. I'd write stories about Native American tribes that I thought were worthy of a Pulitzer Prize. I didn't just play with my Barbies, I directed them. Was Dad bringing out his camera today? I'd be ready in a pose. Did I want to be on video? I'd slop makeup all over my face and act out a ridiculous scene, just so I'd be on tape. I remember going shopping with my mom, and I'd sing little songs as I twirled through the aisles - every step I took and note I made, I was sure I'd be "discovered." I was prepared for anything.

Plus, I was bold. On the first day of Kindergarten, I came home from school and explained to my mother in an as-a-matter-of-fact way, that I'd be calling a girl from my class, Rachel. I decided we would be good friends, so I rang her up. I signed up for the school talent show in third grade, and when my BF Wesley (good, strong name) told me that my friend Kristen sang her part way better than me (it's true, she has the voice of an angel), I kicked him to the curb. Or did he just move away?... Anyway, I remember kicking him to the curb. I signed up for a dance/cheer program in 5th grade and shook my thing (the little thing that it was) to "Pretty Woman." I wore a pink boa. In 10th grade I was on the cheer squad, but I wasn't chosen to do a really cool stunt for our next competition. So at our basketball game that night, I whipped it out for the first time with 3 girls who wanted to help me out and was filled with pride when I was soaring in the sky and saw my coach's astonished face. I could've fallen on the gym floor, but in that moment, I didn't care.

I graduated high school and moved to New York City two weeks later, not knowing a soul. Now, I've almost been here three years and I've never regretted a minute of it. But it's easy to get discouraged when you're around so much talent and competition day in, day out. I work hard, am happy with my job, but I picture myself a few years from now and sometimes it scares me to be so uncertain. I was so in control when I was growing up, and as I continue getting older, I find that my loyalty to commitments and responsibilities has hindered my freedoms. So which is more important?

At six years old, I was hopping on my brand new bike, racing down the dirt road and feeling the wind in my hair - without a care in the world. Now, I'm just shy of 21 and I hop on the subway at 7:30 each and every morning for an hour and a half commute. When I feel something in my hair, I panic that it's a subway rat. But here's the catch: I'm living out my dream job - working for a magazine. I've met the man of my dreams who makes me feel like the most incredible woman in the world. No, my name isn't in lights - but I still have the stars in my eyes when I think about everything I'd like to accomplish in time, by working hard. Realism doesn't have to be negative, it just means that I have to work harder, that when I fall down and cut my knee, I won't bawl for my mom (OK, maybe I'll still cry - let's be serious!), I'll pick myself up, dust myself off, and learn something new about myself, like how much I can handle. It means that instead of singing and dancing through department stores, I'll put myself out there in other ways, like writing articles and trying out crazy fashion trends and not being afraid to say hi to the person next to me on the street (Hey, some people in NYC still totally freak me out!). I'll take realistic risks and challenges every single day and get "discovered" by truly finding myself.