Friday, April 13, 2012

THAT'S newsworthy? Weight a minute...

I check entertainment sites 24/7 - it's part of my job, and I've started to really enjoy doing it. I'll admit that now, every rumored celeb hookup (Jason Segel and Michelle Williams?!) or breakup (Heidi Klum and Seal?!) excites me to no end. Plus, like most people, I'm a fan of catchy, new music, so I enjoy looking for just-released singles...although I doubt I'll be listening to anything besides "Call Me Maybe" for the next year or two (unfortunately, so addictive). What did this Mad Men star say about the upcoming episodes? Let me find out! New pics of Hilary Duff and her adorable baby, Luca? I want to see! This pop culture thing is a world I've learned to enjoy being a part of.

That is, except when the "news" becomes pointless rambling and questioning about a star's weight. Recently, I've been completely annoyed with Miley Cyrus coverage. I miss the days when the silliest headline was "Miley Cyrus: She really can't be tamed!" At least that was a little funny - oh, you're so clever for using her song title to describe what you think of her real life! But now, there are polls on sites "What do you think of Miley's body?" With choices like: "Too fat", "Too skinny", or "Just right". Really? How is this even a question? Practically all the latest paparazzi shots are Mi coming to and from Pilates, lots of her tweets mention eating healthier...sounds like she's trying to have a better lifestyle and I think that's something to admire, not turn into a scandal. Then, there's headlines with quotes from "weight loss experts" saying that if Miley loses any more weight, she'll be way too skinny. That's your professional verdict - she'll be way too skinny? My mind is blown. Sorry for the added sarcasm in this post, it's just something I've really seen enough of. Personally, I think Miley looks absolutely incredible. I'm glad she's tweeted about the rumors to stick up for herself, but she shouldn't have to. Plus, this recent "scandal" is a reminder for me that I should probably start taking better care of myself, as well. I'm a naturally skinny person, but that doesn't mean I'm toned, and it doesn't mean I don't eat family sized boxes of donuts when I'm tired. I'd just like to think that if I started making some serious changes to my daily routine to try and get healthier, people would encourage me instead of tear me down.
But if this is the type of story that's breaking headlines now, I'd like to point out the real problem with Miley... it's all in this tweet:
Guys. People of the world. You thought Miley's salvia problem was bad? THINK AGAIN. This young Hollywood starlet is suffering from another addiction — walnuts. I'm currently waiting to hear back from my "Walnut Expert", but I'm guessing he will tell me that this is a problem, that she's eating "way too many walnuts." But don't worry, I'll keep you posted on how this continues to affect Miley each day. Stay tuned on this emotional story.

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