Sunday, March 16, 2014


Yankees cap, caps lock on. 
Screaming when your name won. 
Daydreaming of achieving the dream one, day. 
Gluing sequins piece by piece
Pull your hair back with your hair piece
Learning how to show it and have it within: peace. 
Throw up a peace sign
Everything in life happens for a reason, it's a sign. 
Without the negatives, where would the photos be? 
To be - Strive in spite of strife, your heart is a diamond
Go to Tiffany's, go to the field, go to the cross, 
it's time to cross off the bucket list and open your eyes. 
The fruit of your labor, the fruit of the spirit, the apple of your eye. 
Never forget what makes you passionate - sometimes self-control needs a by. 

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